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OK, so I know this is a bit late in coming but better late than never. Due to financial and accommodation hardships I had to cut down my original month long placement to 3 weeks at Rock Sound but in the end I felt I chose a good time to leave.

My final week coincided with the final deadline for issue 132 (out 3rd February and featuring yours truly so buy it!) which meant it was understandably quite busy around the office.

The majority of my time was taken up with reading and sub editing the new issue (which is fantastic by the way!) I was given a spreadsheet of the pages and I had to note down any mistakes I found which needed to be rectified and mark them off once I had done them.

I also transcribed another interview as well as getting to write some of my own interview questions for an up-and-coming chat with a UK hardcore band.

Hopefully my time at RS will have provided me with some valuable contacts along with some good hands on experience. I learnt a lot about interview techniques such as what questions the reader wants asked and the straightforward and obvious questions often don't provide the most exciting answers. Some of the most valuable insights I gained from my placement was how a magazine operates in relation to the staff and their roles etc.

I hope to gain another placement soon, ideally at another music publication so I can have some sort of basis for comparison and another chance to build up a new set of contacts. Oh yeah and a job at the end of it would be great!


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