Documentary Clip Log

These are the clip logs for a documentary being worked on by myself and Mark Lovell at University. There are two documentaries being made one filming of Winchester which will include Winchester from dawn to dusk (Doc 1). The other is a profile in the form of a 'day in the life of'. Our profile was a coffee shop worker (Doc 2).
Log of Shots (Doc 1)

Tape: Blue Ball Hill 06.35-7.15

Time Description

0- Dark, lights over city (speed up and watch sky go from dark to light/slight cloud movement)

35 secs Dark, lights of buildings in background (car lights up house)

[2.40] Car drives past (possible speed up/down)

[8.20] Car drives past

[28-30] Noticeably lighter

[37.30] Camera moves, GV chimney smokes/Cathedral in background

Tape: Winchester 7.15am – 8.00am

Time Description

0.00-0.40 Shaky camera

0.40-45.00 Nice shot over church + smoke (possible fast forward or rewind)

[3.20] Bird flying in shot

[39.00] Flock of birds flying

[40.00] Rain Starts

Tape: Magdalen Hill 8.30-9.15

Time Description

0- GV of cathedral, background and highstreet (people moving – speed up)

[1.30] GV of more chimney smoke (continuous)

[2.10] Bus comes into bottom right hand corner of shot

[3.50] Another Bus

[12.00] Another Bus (possibly use buses sped up)

0-16m Sped up, people/cars/clouds/mist/smoke all move fast

16-27 Rain drops start to hit screen, sped up looks more visible

Tape: Winchester 9.30am-10.20am

Time Description

0.00-3.20 Shaky footage (unusable)

3.20-6.00 Bus into shot - start of high street shot (speeded up)

8.15-8.47 Good shot of buses moving down high street

9.20-10.00 Work men on high street

10.30-48.00 Best shot of high street – people walking, traffic, post van. (speed up or slow down)

[15.50] Buses

Log of Shots (Doc 2)

Tape: Handycam First Hour

Time Description

0.00-3.15 Setting up

3.15-4.15 General shots of café

4.15-5.15 Sally making coffee

6.17-6.32 Sally serving drinks

10.20 Nice audio of steamer

11.45 Change to black and white

13.00 Unnamed girl at dishwasher

15.40 Signs on till (quick shot)

16.05 Sally making drinks

16.27 Menu shots (quick shot)

16.57 Roses shot next to till (quick shot)

17.40 Unnamed waitress doing cutlery

18.40 Back area GVs shelves, through window shot

20.45-23.15 Chatting and serving customer (nice close up shots)

23.55 Shot of till (no audio)

25.15-25.35 Three way chat

25.50-27.25 Sally loading dishwasher – bit of interaction with other staff

28.45-30.28 Mark making coffee (phone goes off - audio)

32.00 Steaming (good audio and shot of steam)

32.28 Sally coming up stairs

33.16 Sally walking down street

34.23-35.00 Folding napkins with chat (nice hands shot)

36.50 Brief shot through display (quick shot)

38.42-41.00 Website chap

41.10 Nice shot of Sally through tea bags (good) (quick shot)

41.45 Shot of Sally through display (nice) (quick shot)

43.31-44.22 Sally using machine (nice audio)

46.06 Accidental nice shot of cup (quick shot)

50.00 Open sign

50.20 Sally chat with customer (good chatty audio)

51.00 Taking bin downstairs

53.00-53.40 Zoom to newspaper date (no audio)

54.00-55.00 Sally chatting and laughing

56.00-56.45 Talking on phone (good shot and audio)

56.50 Nice close up talking on phone

Tape: Ginger Two PD170 First Hour

Time Description

0-35 secs Cliff in Shot – unusable

45-1.25 Mark Steaming milk

1.25-2.00 Mark & Sally Making drinks

7.35-7.55 Staff banter

8.25-9.05 Unnamed staff doing cutlery

9.22 Nice shot through tea bags

9.55 Sally dishwasher

10.15 Nice shot through display

11.38-13.55 Customer Interaction (other camera has other angle)

12.35 Good close up of Sally

14.14-14.25 Low camera on counter

14.45- Nice walking counter shots (shadows) – no audio

15.35-15.50 Close up of workers from behind

16.38-17.00 Unnamed subject clearing table

17.20 Slow zoom of Mark making salad

18.13 Customer interaction

18.25 Slow zoom of Mark writing

19.45 Mark Serving cake

20.02 Close of strawberries (cut between cake and strawberry serving)

20.54 Making hot chocolate

21.09 close up of Mark stirring

23.20 Sally serving customer (mark carries on in background)

23.50 Customer banter

24.40 Serving customer

[Storyboard the whole serving/preparing process]

26.05 Sally/Mark serving – good shots

26.56 Mirror shot of Sally serving

27.19-27.30 Close up of Sally preparing orders

28.20 Close up of Sally

28.45 Steaming audio

33.30 Roses

34.28 Sally returning (other camera has her leaving)

35.59 Worker banter – steaming milk

37.50 Low camera napkin folding

38.44 Workers from behind with slow zoom

39.20-39.40 Close of hands folding napkins

45.00 Till signs

46.10-46.52 Close up of Sallys face

51.00 Customer reading paper

52.30 Signs on the wall

53.00 Table sign

Tape: Ginger Two, PD170 – Second Hour

Time Description

0- Shot from behind Mark’s (owner) back, talking to chap about website

55 sec Jane bringing coffee past camera

4.20 Other worker bringing coffee

5.10 Sally steaming coffee through chair

7.50 GV’s of coffee and cake

8.03 Sally picking up and taking tray of coffee

9.09 Customer using his phone – Dave (regular customer)

9.45/50 Sally through tea stand

14.08 Two workers working from behind customers shoulder

14.34 Sally picking up tray and serving customers coffee

16.00 Working at the counter, Customers book in shot

17.00 Till and Card machine

17.20 Sally? Using till – close up

21.00 Sally and colleague talking about tea bags

22.00 Opening hours

23.15 Outside through window

25.40 Outside sign

26.00 Outside down the side of café, including sign

26.20 Other worker taking bottles out

26.30 – 27.05 Sally talking to Dave (regular customer)

27.05 Fairly close up of Sally talking to Mark (owner)

32 Through cakes – very shaky

32.30 Customers chatting

33.07 Brownies

33.20 Three workers all chatting

35.20 Jam stacks

35.40 Customer enters, cheery hello from workers

35.55 Good shot of all three of them chatting/serving customer

36.15-36.50 Close up of Sally during customer interaction/concentration on till

37.40 Newspaper zoom showing date (audio milk steaming)

40.20 Steam coming out of machine

41 Customers chatting (man and woman – gave consent)

42.28 Sally serving, bending down to pick up a tray

43.46 Sally using coffee machine (good audio/Shania Twain)

43.50-44.20 Sally pouring milk then talking/laughing with colleague

43.40 Sally bringing coffee over

50.57 Mark moving tables, clearing out shop area

52.42 Sally on phone

54.23 Dave (regular customer) leaving café

55.02 Close up on Sally on phone

55.35 Sally behind counter, does “note to self”

Tape: Ginger Two Handycam Final Hour

Time Description

4 secs – 27 secs Sally washing up from behind (black and white)

46 secs Sally/Mark washing up (good audio clinking of glasses)

1.15 Starts process of putting the Soup into an empty bottle for storage

2.20 Pouring soup into a measuring jug

2.34-3.25 Gets other worker to help her pour into bottle using funnel (good audio as she tries to put too much soup into the bottle, laughing/giggling etc)

4.40 Back to washing up

4.54 Steaming water in a jug (good audio)

5.28 Other worker shaking cake holders outside

6.28 Talking to Mark whilst he does DIY cleaning up in other area of café

7.20 Taking the cakes downstairs to cellar (with help of other worker) Shots of her coming up and down stairs to collect cakes one after the other

8.50 Asking other worker if they need milk whilst still in cellar

9.10 Starts to get cleaning materials for coffee machine

10.00-12.50 Start of conversation of Sally reminiscing of her teenage years & good story of her mum (both working whilst chatting, good shots of Sally’s emotions whilst telling the story.)

12.50-13.25 Decide between the two that they will put the close sign on early and clean the coffee machine

14.35-16.40 Sally cleaning the coffee machine, whilst doing other jobs in between (starts clean-works in between-empties and repeats) (Continues after we swap cameraman)

17.00-20.15 Cleaning other machine

17.50-20.15 Counting/Closing Till (Good close ups of face/money)

18.50 Reflection of Sally counting till in the counter

20.35 Cleaning other bits of machine (tray etc) at the sink

22.00 Counting money again, other worker reassembles coffee machine

24.02 Bringing in trees/signs from outside – discusses with Mark where to put them

24.30 Brings in another tree (camera from outside instead of inside)

24.50 Moves the “bike sign” – followed round corner where she puts it away

[24.50 Includes good shot of Ginger Two sign]

27.30 Bringing in more outside furniture

28.45 Splitting the tips (small amount)

29.20 Checking everything has been done

29.45 Discussing their “impressive” early finish

30.25 Cleaning the sink

32.10 Closing blinds/taking off aprons

33.40 Locking back door

Tape: Ginger Two PD170 Final Hour

This tape is of the clock from 17:00 until 17:45 with the idea that we will use it in between the various jobs our profile (Sally). Idea would be to speed up the clock so it goes through 15 minutes at a time between jobs.


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