That girl Peaches does it again

Peaches Geldoff

The Media Guardian reported that Peaches Geldof received "substantial damages" from the Daily Star this week, over a front-page headline that read "Peaches: spent the night with me for £5k".

The issue arose because the story claimed that Geldof accepted appearance fees for turning up to parties and launches and Geldof's solicitor Jonathan Coad said it implied Ms Geldof "provided services of a personal sexual nature for the payment of a fee".

The story was originally published in September 2008 and Peaches initially went to the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) about the item, but was unhappy with the result.

The paper refused to print a retraction on the front page and instead published it on page 2 where Peaches believed it was not "adequately prominent".

The newspaper's solicitor, Zoe Norden, said it accepted all that had been said by Coad.


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